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Thank you for helping make Hoops for a Cure a rousing success! We cannot wait until next year. For now, help support our continuing efforts by jining us for Santa's Summer 5K, Cancer Memorial Walk and Elves (Kids) Fun Run! 

Santa's Summer 5K has a new site!! June 17th! Check us out at Santa's Summer 5K


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Help us bring the fight to cancer! Hoops for a Cure is a grassroots effort to raise money in the fight against this disease. The, ACPMP, formerly the PMP Research Foundation is the beneficiary of 100% of the proceeds we raise. We started our efforts with our Annual Basketball event, Hoops 4 a Cure, which strives to get participants active and on the court regardless of the skill level. In an effort to expand and bring knowledge to as many people as possible, we have made our efforts two-fold with Santa's Summer 5K, Cancer Walk and Fun Run. Help us raise money to take the fight to cancer! 





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Our segment from Bounce TV Monday May 9th on Santa's Summer 5K! 


The Charlotte Observer wrote an article on the event and my cancer history, Survivor of Rare Cancer Stages Fundraiser

Checkout the article in the Mooresville Tribune Shooting Hoops to Fight Cancer!

Your donations at work... 2015 Research Awards

Thank you to Keri Mankos Photography and Matt Nudi for taking pictures at the 2015 event. Please check out her site! You may order prints from there.

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ATTENTION HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE ATHLETES: Prizes may be considered to be of cash value. If you are a high school or college athlete or plan to play, it is recommended that you do not accept any prizes considered to be of cash value.

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GOAL: $8,000.00
Raised: $7,992.00
Registrants Activity
Christian Acosta$10.00
Salvatore Alcamo$25.00
Tate Allison$10.00
Jean Ambrosio$115.00
Josh Atwell$10.00
Lorrie Balog$75.00
Gabriel Beretich$40.00
Lisa Bernhardt$40.00
Cooper Bevins$10.00
Jackson Bevins$10.00
Brock Bice$10.00
Brock Bice$20.00
Cubby Bice$25.00
Cubby Bice$10.00
Tony Bolt$25.00
Caryn Brown$130.00
Eric Brown$270.00
Maddox Brown$110.00
Peyton Brown$10.00
Leah Burris$25.00
Doc Caldwell$10.00
Jeffrey CIlley$50.00
Kellie Cilley$15.00
Kaden Craft$10.00
Sue Curley$50.00
Lance Desmarais$10.00
Joseph Dilly$20.00
Allyson Dixon $50.00
Jacob Eudy$10.00
Aavanth Ezhilan$10.00
Drew Fisher$10.00
Matthew Fisher$10.00
Cheryl Gregory$25.00
Andrea Guidetti$50.00
Josiah Guzman$10.00
Aiden Kaliszewski$10.00
Evan Kernes$10.00
Perry Kerr$10.00
Matthew Kisiel$100.00
Andy Kurtas$15.00
Jonathan Kurtas$10.00
Anderson Lentz$10.00
Scott Lewis$50.00
Grant Long$10.00
Austin Lunsford $10.00
Owen Major$10.00
Francesca Maletta$100.00
Bradley Mankus$60.00
Lisa Martin$120.00
Michael Mauney$10.00
Chase McGlamery$40.00
Heather McLeod$50.00
Jayden McLeod$10.00
Tanner McLeod$10.00
Dmitri McPherson$25.00
Caroline Micklow$10.00
Erik Micklow$30.00
Joshua Miller$10.00
Braeden Montgomery$10.00
Braeden Montgomery$20.00
Camden Montgomery$10.00
Kerri Montgomery$40.00
Grace Murray$25.00
Cathy Norton$40.00
Trevor Ochsenreiter$10.00
Tonya Parks$10.00
Ava Parson$15.00
Luke Ponczka$10.00
Rob Roth$75.00
Jack Ryan$10.00
Bailey Sanders$10.00
Logan Seiler$40.00
Tanner Smith$20.00
Julia Sotolongo$10.00
Keenan Steckler$10.00
Michael Steckler$460.00
Michael Steckler$10.00
Mindy Stillman$100.00
Lindsey Taft$25.00
Kate Thompson$25.00
Robert Treff$25.00
Xavier Troutman $10.00
Thomas Velasco$20.00
Jayden Wallace $10.00
Trey Watkins $0.00
Ashley Wells- Medford $30.00
Pam White$30.00
Chase Wigginton$10.00
Todd Wilkinson$20.00
Christian Wilson$40.00
Shawn Wilson$10.00
Phyllis Winters$35.00
Kevin Zimmer$40.00
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